Malaboca Collective: Preguntando Cambiamos. Strategies of Social Movements in Barcelona and Madrid

01malaboca collective

“not to give up in the face of misery”

In late september and the beginning of octobre of 2015 we travelled barcelona, sabadell and madrid to interview different activists. this time our interests focussed on their very basic strategic concepts. we wanted to know how they plan to change society.

the result of about ten days of not enough sleep, too many cigarettes and constant debate was a dozen of recordings rich in content. after a month on transcribing, translating and editing we proudly present to you the result of our work: “pregutando cambiamos. strategies of social movements in barcelona and madrid”.

six interviews are now giving you an overview of different projects all actively working within the social movements in their respective city. allthough all strive for social change, they all take different, sometimes even conflictive, roads to reach this goal. apart from their many differences one aspect may be described as a commonality: they all attempt to localize and anchor their polititical practice over a long time in a certain space. this very often found its form in…anyway, check it out yourself.

download: brochure in english
download: brochure in german

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