Assembly for the Circulation of Struggles (Skya)

The Assembly for the Circulation of Struggles (S.KY.A) is an assembly that brings together activists from different political backgrounds and different experiences of struggle; from struggles in the workplace to neighborhood assemblies. Its main purpose is to connect those struggles.


SKYA was created through our participation in the events of December 2008 (riots, marches, sit-ins, assemblies, solidarity interventions) and the development of a collective critique of this experience.


This experience involves the development of a certain attitude towards the struggles that we participate in: on the one hand, a criticism of party guidance of the struggles by leftist organizations; on the other hand, a critique of the logic of vanguardism on the part of anti-authoritarian and anarchist organizations. SKYA works in order to build a collective perspective through the circulation of different experiences: experience linking theory with practice, forms of action with the content of each struggle.


We begin analyzing our experiences in order to build a strategy linking different struggles. We would like to contribute, with our small forces, to the development of an antagonistic strategy at an international level that will be able to respond to the needs of the movements, in which we participate, that have emerged throughout the economic crisis.